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Watch The Breath Experience

Come with your intentions, your dreams, your desires.

Come with your depression, your anxiety, and your fears.

Come as you are. But leave Transformed.

Find your core, embrace your soul, heal and be happy.


Safe Surrender… Into the Breathwork

Release your fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and insecurity

Remove all roadblocks

Let go – trust the energy


Fall into the comfort and healing of the breath

Embrace and explore your emotions

Forgive and let go of the past

Trust yourself and the energy of breath


Clarify and set your intentions

Inhale and embrace the peace and calm

Exhale and embrace gratitude and empowerment

Feel and embrace your soul

Transform Your Life with Lucinda Bassett at her Just Breathe Retreat July 24-26, 2020! Call NOW to reserve your space.
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