Personal One-on-One Life Coaching with Lucinda Bassett


  • Complete Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Ability to Share your Fears and Thoughts with Someone you Know and Trust
  • Downloadable Content and Guidance from Lucinda
  • One on one Individual Guidance and Direction from Lucinda designed Just for You based on your Life, your Needs, your Fears, and your Intentions so that you can finally:
    • Face Your Fears and Move Beyond them
    • Replacing Negative Obsessive Thinking with Powerful Productive Pro-Active Mantras and Behaviors that work Quickly and Effectively
    • Transform Self-Sabotage and Worry into Calm Confidence and the Ability to Think Clearly and take Action to Change your Life
    • Set your Intentions and Determine what you Need To Feel Safe, Happy and In Control of your Life and your Future
    • Work with Lucinda and on your own using her Skills to Change how you Think, React, and Respond
    • Transition from being an Over-reactor to being an Under-reactor
    • Take back your Power, your Strength, your Confidence
    • Have Healthier, more Grounded Relationships
    • Understand and Create a Breath session for Calming yourself in any situation
    • Connect with your Higher Self and Trust your Energy on a Spiritual Level

You are Enough…You have what you need to Heal and be Happy.  You just need New Skills.  Don’t waste one more day worrying. You can do this. You just need someone who understands what you are going through and truly cares about you getting better.

Testimonial – as seen on Yelp

“Lucinda Bassett is the Mother Teresa of Anxiety and Depression as far as helping People who have struggled with Anxiety. In the 1990’s while wide awake and anxious in the middle of the night, I saw her infomercial. I couldn’t believe Lucinda understood and felt as if she was speaking to me. The next morning I ordered the program, it changed my life for the better and my anxiety became manageable and eventually went away. 25 years later, During a stressful period in my life, I just took a chance and goggled her name, and thank goodness. She appeared. I reached out to her and her assistant immediately called me back. I found out she was still out there helping people and also has become a life coach. I didn’t hesitate to begin using her services as a life coach and within a few weeks, she had me back on track and this time for good. She gets it, and for people who struggle with anxiety, you need someone who has been in the trenches and felt the heat, she has. I have built one of the top mortgage operations in the nation and Lucinda thru her coaching again has helped me continue to excel not only in my professional life, but personal life, emotional health and relationships. She has been there, done that, and her coaching can change your life, ease your pain, and put you on an even better path in your life. If they give a Nobel Peace Prize for a Life Coach and emotional healer, she gets my vote. I highly recommend her services, You won’t be sorry.”

–John Abraham.

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