Moni Osborne

Moni Osborne (Breathwork Faciltator) is the daughter of Transformational Breath’s® founder, Dr. Judith Kravitz and one of the first trained facilitators of the practice. She co-led the first professional certification program in 1994 and has since been the practice’s public face and evangelist. Over three decades, she has facilitated more than 5,000 breathing sessions and worked with some of the world’s most respected thought leaders and spiritual leaders including Deepak Chopra among many others. Also a sought-after speaker, she has presented Transformational Breath® and its benefits to universities, healing centers, and medical organizations all over the country. Sitting on the Transformational Breath® Foundation’s board of directors, she is now based in San Diego and leads both retreats and individual practices in the Southern California area.

Abe Taliaferro

The youngest child of Transformational Breath® founder Judith Kravitz, Abraham Taliaferro has been intimately involved with this powerful healing modality for nearly thirty years. While still in high school Abraham established and managed TBF’s first online database, which now reaches millions of people worldwide, and later developed the Foundation’s original audio/visual training presentation, still an integral part of Transformational Breath® Foundation’s certification curriculum. Now a co-trainer for the Transformational Breath® Foundation, Abraham regularly facilitates breath workshops in Italy, Turkey, and throughout the United States. Based in San Diego California, Abraham also facilitates both weekly and monthly group breathing workshops in partnership with yoga studios as well as individual sessions across the area. He is passionate about integrating his holistic wisdom with mainstream business practices.

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