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Change your breath, Change your life

  • Complete emersion for Transformational Breath® and Transformational Living
  • Powerful – 2 hour guided Breathwork sessions
  • Gourmet meals with options for vegan, vegetarian, meat etc.
  • Intimate group sessions with Lucinda to set intentions for Breathwork, share experiences, and finalize a plan for living “Intentionally in the breath” once you leave the program
  • Daily Yin Yoga classes to stretch the body and clear the mind
  • Optional massage with trained masseuse
  • Optional one on one sessions with Lucinda or Moni to address Individual concerns and roadblocks
  • Exclusive, private dinner and wine pairing on Saturday Evening with Lucinda
  • Empowering, self-actualizing closing session and farewell
  • A “Personal Plan of Action” for Transformational Living as you move forward with life with Intention and Breathwork skills
  • 1 free personal aftercare call with Lucinda Bassett to keep you in the energy of the breath work (a $600 value)
*Schedule, activities, times, and locations subject to change

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Transform Your Life with Lucinda Bassett at her Just Breathe Retreat January 18-20, 2019!
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“It gave me a renewed sense of love for myself and a renewed sense of hope for the world and it changed my whole existence.”

“It works! It helps! It improves lives and sometimes helps saves lives, its free and abundant and for everyone.”

“When I came home what other people noticed- they kept saying your eyes are brighter your more present, your more relaxed.”

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