Different people have different reactions to the Transformational Breath® method, but it’s important to know that there are no known risk factors, nor have any adverse health effects ever been reported. That said, the practice can bring up some emotions—these can be joyful, or sad, recent or distant—and your facilitator will encourage you to allow those emotions to flow freely, instead of resisting them. Generally, your breath sessions will vary each time, and the best mindset to enter into each session with is one of openness and surrender. The healing that can take place through the practice can occur on many different levels—emotional, spiritual, and physical—and it’s best to relax into the knowledge that your body and mind will experience the kind of healing they need. Above all, you can have the expectation that you will feel calm, relaxed, and energized after each session thanks to the power that increased oxygen levels have on your brain.


Comments from Lucinda Bassett® Breathwork Retreat attendees:

“My first experience was completely mind blowing and it was like pure bliss.”

“I had a tremendous spiritual experience. It made everything in life a lot less scary.”

“When I came home what other people noticed- they kept saying your eyes are brighter your more present, your more relaxed.”

“It gave me a renewed sense of love for myself and a renewed sense of hope for the world and it changed my whole existence.”

“I realized an emotion I didn’t even know I had- it changed my life.”

“The society we live in has us looking outside for things- material things This process allows you to see contentment and find happiness inside which is a place most people are running away from.”

“I felt a lot of old anger come up- it was healthy- it left me- it might actually change everything for you- it did for me.”

“It works! It helps! It improves lives and sometimes helps saves lives, its free and abundant and for everyone.”

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