Breath is a gift and without it, there would be no life. But unfortunately, most people waste the power of their breath because they fail to understand that how we breathe affects how we live. Oxygen deprivation has long been known to produce anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as both psychosomatic and real illnesses, in addition to unexplained chronic pain.

Transformational Breath® is a breathing practice that promotes the free flow of oxygen throughout the body, resulting in a profound physical, mental, and spiritual experience. This powerful, proven practice of eliminating restriction in the breath through focused, open-mouth breathing allows us to co-create a higher level of awareness and calm that is safe, substance free, and completely self-generated.

The practice’s physical effects can include calming the nervous system, eliminating chronic pain, and relieving depression, anxiety, and stress. While it is a secular practice, it has a spiritual dimension that is available for anyone that wants to experience an embodied, truthful, and healing form of being. Through the simple act of guided Transformational Breathing, you can find life’s purest joy. 

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