Please answer the following questions honestly and with a simple yes or no.

Are you sometimes anxious?   Yes/No

Do you sometimes feel sad and depressed?   Yes/No

Are you a worrier?    Yes/No

Do you have a hard time doing nothing?   Yes/No

Are you an over-thinker?    Yes/No

Do you have trouble sleeping?    Yes/No

Do you have physical pain or discomfort you can’t find solution for?    Yes/No

Do you have a hard time letting go of guilt?   Yes/No

Do you have anger issues?    Yes/No

Do issues from your past still bother you?   Yes/no

Do you have trust issues?   Yes/No

Do you have trouble with intimate relationships?   Yes/No

Do you ever feel lonely?   Yes/No

If you have answered Yes to ANY of the above questions, this retreat can help you!

“Come work with me and overcome your anxiety and depression… find peace, answers, and a sense of yourself.
You hold the key to heal and be happy.”

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