Please answer the following questions honestly and with a simple yes or no.

Are you sometimes anxious?   Yes/No

Do you sometimes feel sad and depressed?   Yes/No

Are you a worrier?    Yes/No

Do you have a hard time doing nothing?   Yes/No

Are you an over-thinker?    Yes/No

Do you have trouble sleeping?    Yes/No

Do you have physical pain or discomfort you can’t find solution for?    Yes/No

Do you have a hard time letting go of guilt?   Yes/No

Do you have anger issues?    Yes/No

Do issues from your past still bother you?   Yes/no

Do you have trust issues?   Yes/No

Do you have trouble with intimate relationships?   Yes/No

Do you ever feel lonely?   Yes/No

If you have answered Yes to ANY of the questions above, my coaching will help you get rid of your fear, overcome your negative thinking, and get your life back!

“Come work with me and overcome your anxiety and depression… find peace, answers, and a sense of yourself.
You hold the key to heal and be happy.”

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