Lucinda Bassett Breathwork®
Corporate Workshops and Retreats

Your clients and your team are looking for an experiential event that will be fun, inspiring, and life changing…

These times call for innovation.  A holistic approach to self care, stress management, goal setting, even team building.

Let Lucinda present an experience for your clients and your team that will be beyond appealing and transformational.

Lucinda Bassett can work with your team to:

  • Inspire, Motivate, and set Goals
  • Decompress and De-stress
  • Get in touch with their Potential for Empowerment and Personal Enlightenment
  • Determine their true Personal and Professional Intentions and make them a Reality
  • Manage and Minimize Anxiety and Depression
  • Work with Management and HR to provide on-going Breathwork sessions, training, and workshops to Minimize Stress and Optimize Productivity

Her on-site half-day, and full-day workshops will inspire and change lives.  Her weekend retreat options for upper level management will provide an atmosphere for deep reflection, relaxation, goal setting, team building, and a healthy life plan.  Her evening experiential events with gourmet organic food, wine pairings, and Breathwork, will be an unforgettable, talked about experience offering those attending the opportunity to network with a take away of empowerment and healthier life coping skills. Be sure to inquire about her Keynote presentations.

Call now to schedule a 15-minute consultation with Lucinda to see if one of these programs could work for your organization.

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Just Breathe Workbook

Lucinda Bassett Breathwork® Workbook now available for $49.85.

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