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Lucinda Bassett has long been the face and force of healing for anxiety, depression and stress. Best selling author of four books, including her International best seller, FROM PANIC TO POWER, she is also the author and creator of the world renowned and highly acclaimed ATTACKING ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION program, which has been used by major universities, doctors, hospitals and individuals world wide. Lucinda is a corporate trainer and Thought Leader, working with such clients as Mc Donald’s, Chrysler Corp, AT&T, and the Aids Foundation. As a respected Thought Leader and Life Coach, she has shared her expertise world-wide, and in the media, on shows such as Oprah, The View, and in magazines such as Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, and Longevity. She has touched the lives of over 1 million people giving them hope and help, and for many the ability to cut down on if not eliminate their need for certain medications. Since discovering the power of Transformational Breath® in her own journey, she has been in awe of the intensely powerful and healing energy of the spirit and the breath for her personally, and in her life. As a result, she feels divinely driven, a calling if you will, to use this powerful new tool to help others.

“It works! It helps! It improves lives and sometimes helps saves lives, its free and abundant and for everyone.”

“Society we live in has us looking outside for things- material things This process allows you to see contentment and find happiness inside which is a place most people are running away from.”

“My first experience was completely mind blowing and it was like pure bliss.”

“I had a tremendous spiritual experience. It made everything in life a lot less scary.”

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